Sunday, August 20, 2017

Shoujo Con: RFA Party Encore

Last August 29, Project Odette held Shoujo Con in One Cafe and Events Place at One Corporate Center, Ortigas. It was originally known as their RFA Party (A Mystic Messenger fan-event) and their cast of Mystic Messenger cast butlers served the attendees who signed up for their cafe.

I had the honor of setting up a booth as an exhibitor with my friend Airi, but she couldn't make it. I was expecting the tables to be a wee bit bigger though, but oh well. ^^"

They had a karaoke contest, a cosplay contest, a kawaii-look contest, a ramen-eating contest (courtesy of one of their sponsors, Nissin Ramen) and and auction for "marrying" their butlers at the marriage booth. It was wild!


They also had international cosplayers Jiaki Darkness and Yuki Godbless as their guests. They were so kind and approachable! I managed to get myself a print of Jiaki's Jumin Han cosplay.


Overall, it was a fun event. We had to leave earlier than the agreed egress because I was feeling sick. The venue is so cold and I'm not good with cold places! xD

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anime and Cosplay Expo 2017

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