Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meitu XiuXiu Photo Editor (P1: How to Install)

Ive been using an app that some people had been curious about, since its really great with photo editing. Its called Meitu XiuXiu and its in Chinese. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any patch or translations made for the software application, but in my case, Ive been tweaking around the app for some time now and I got to know the basic functions and some cool tricks you can do with it. Today, I'll be sharing them with you guys. (Im also expecting this to be something like a tutorial, so I'll divide it into parts). 


I dont know Chinese. You may let know if you think that I made a mistake with the translations, or telling what means what. XD

PART 1: Meitu XiuXiu and How to Install it

So what IS this Meitu XiuXiu? Its basically a Chinese photo-editing app made by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd. Its widely used by Asian women, specially for ulzzhang or gyaru-ish kinds of photos, which will give you porcelain-smooth skin if you wish. The app is downloadable at http://xiuxiu.meitu.com/ . 

Once youre on the website, this pic below is what youre going to see. 

Just click on that green button, and it will automatically download the Meitu XiuXiu (MX) installer, which is around 20MB.

Once the installed had finished downloading, click on the .exe file to start the installation. You will see this box below. Just click on the box that I encircled here.

It'll then bring you to this box. Choose the second option, then untick the box below it. This will enable you to customize your download, otherwise, the installer will download some other softwares in your pc that you may not want to be there. Then click the box with the (N). 

Then untick the two options below. Those are the other apps it will download that you may not want included. Then click the box with (I).

 It will proceed with the installation.

Once its done, it will show you this page, which means you've successfully installed Meitu XiuXiu. Just click (F) and the app will launch. :)

This is how the app's home screen looks like. 

I'll do a tutorial on each functions on my next few posts, but just so you know what they do: 

The RED box is mostly for full photo-editing. Brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, filters, effects, texts, blur, cut-outs, color balance and color brush are some of its main feats. 

The YELLOW one is more on the beauty-enhancement part. Skin smoothing and corrector, acne heal, eye enlarger, mascara, eye color changer, slim tool and a load more are in it. 

The GREEN box is for making many sorts of fun collages that you can use for sweet notes with pics, calendar layout, scrapbooks etc.

The BLUE one = I havent tried it yet, because it downloads something when I try to click on it. :I 

Oh, and you might see another screen that looks like this, whenever you open MX: 

That box contains links and ads to other apps, some downloadables and tutorials for Meitu XiuXiu. Some of them are pretty helpful once you get the hang of MX, but for now, you can close it by clicking the X on the top-right corner. *w*

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